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Sharing fun through Software testing !

I agree , Software development comes with different flavors but the whole idea is to make a Working Model out of some technical skills and some some creative ideas.

In continuation , Testing in general is what we used to do on daily basis .

For example , if we are going to buy a mobile phone then generally what we used to see in any hand set is what color is most appealing , is the phone handy , is the hand set worth taking in comparison to its price , if i ll start the phone what all specifications i will get , what kind of camera it has , what all NEW features it has , what is the unique thing which is making it different from rest of the phone of different brand having same features but different range , etc etc..

So What i need as a customer is a mobile -hand set having some specifications which are the must haves like – Messaging , Camera , Calling , etc

 And the desired ones – Internet , Wifi , Data Connection , Games , Radio , Music player ,  Browser , Play store , etc. So this range will vary , For Sure , from person to person . I have made this list considering the fact that person is looking for a simple phone withing the range of 5k-15k. Then if he has chosen a phone , which has all Must haves and some Good To Have then he always want to see a dummy phone . This happens to software development as well , and it is this much simple too.. Whoo ,,,ReallllY !??!

Lets see how software can be tested

There are some points which should always be checked if you want to do testing or starting with testing. The most important one is ‘Open Your Mind’ before starting anything.

And the other check points are :

  • Always think about the Bigger Picture

To start with , we have given some requirement and on top of it we as a team start the mission to accomplish the work done. Then comes the testing part it could be feature-wise , functionality-wise , requirement-wise , etc. But as a tester , always try to think of integration




  • Always try to Ask More Questions .. no question is a Silly Question.

Ask as much as questions . Think of any question be it stupid ask and try to get an answer of them. This actually helps , believe me 🙂

  • Always try to focus on last step i.e the end goal.

  • Always try to un-hide things.

There is always a behind the scenes picture , around everything in this whole world. No one can deny this.

If think about the nature , ourselves , earth , natural calamities , God , there is always some facts which are not yet discovered . I am not challenging the scientists and other phDs ( Guys You Are doing an Awesome Job.. keep it Up!!) But the idea is we know some , and have to discover more 🙂

Same happens to software’s , we know requirements but there are always more to test and think upon.


  • Always start with a mind-map.

Try to explore things more while writing on paper or on notepad. This will make more things clear and you will come up with more brighter idea ..Ohh ya ..that’s a cool tip !!


  • Always pair with some one , be it a tester or a developer.

This is some thing which I have seen often, Some ideas are better than an idea.

Happy Testing 🙂


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