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Web Automation – quick walk !

What is WEB ? Everything which is available over internet is Web .

Automation in layman terms is to imitate a user action. It could be a joker who used to mimic as some child or a Robot doing the same stuff an human used to do.

So Automation is a big picture all-in-all it is a task which once done can save a lot of human manual tasks.

So lets start with how we can start this tour ?

images (4)In software development , automation is as important as manual stuff. And to mention specifically for Testing perspective , Automation testing is a base-line which a Team can rely on.

For an instance , say I have a web site which has some basic functionality like :

1. Home Page

2. Accounts Page

3. Welcome Page

4. Log in Page

Now we have to automate this web site.

When I talk about web site , a website consider it as an interface(VIEW) , which will interact with the back-end having server which is doing all database actions , DAO layer interactions , responding  to the requests coming from client , storing required information , etc.

What else ? There are a lot to think about , its just a  beginning 🙂

Web Automation is not a simple task , if you are a beginner and doing it for the first time .There is a whole-lot of list which you have to check before making any moves. Lets start with the basic ones :

 How to start with ?

What all basic knowledge is involved in this?

How much experience is required to make this happen ?

How much time will it require ?

How much man-hours is needed for basic set-up?

What all expertise are needed to make this all done ?

Is it possible to do it alone ?

What all tools I can use? Are they open – source ?

And the list goes on …

But the main question is ‘ I am able to do it , really ? ‘

To start with you need a base , i.e a framework which will drive your tests.

And that framework depends on the requirement you have . Frameworks could be :

Key-word driven framework

Data-driven framework.

Hybrid Framework.

This is one and other categories could be ;

Model- View – controller.


Page object model

Page object factory

Secondly , What all basic knowledge is required to make this happen ?

1. Basic knowledge of any one programming language :

 It could be Java , C , C# , etc.

2. Basic knowledge of SOA.

How web services interact with the User Interface.

This is required as some times , we know what to do this but we missed the basic knowledge why are we doing it and how it is actually happening.

3. Basic knowledge of the frameworks discussed above

This is just to ensure that what we are developing is the best suitable solution for the current project assigned to us.


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