16 thoughts on “Different ways to test Log in.”

  1. Good approach to test all level of testing.
    Just saw minor typing mistake under Usability Testing topic.The Last line “Mouse auto focus should be at UserId.” deals with password. so User id should be replaced with password.Guess it’s copy paste issue.


    1. Hi Jagdeesh,
      First of all ,thanks for going through the blog post. What I was trying to make in consideration via this blog is to let all the Quality analyst know that testing is not just finding bugs ,there is quite a lot which can be done when we say we are testing an application.
      Now,coming to your comment, the idea was to check the auto-focus should always remains at the Username,when user want to log into the system, not at the password field.Hope this clears your question and my intent to mention that point.


  2. Thanks @Khyati Sehgal for such a nice block on LogIn testing. Really, its very good post on LogIn testing.

    But here is a miner mistake in Security testing,

    >>After login with valid credentials, click on back button.
    Expected Result: The page should be expired.

    Here your expected result in in correct. The correct expected result should be that Page should not be expired on clicking back button after login with valid credentials.

    Pleasce let me know if I am wrong.



    1. Hi Neev,
      Point taken, but just think of a scenario when you just logged into the system and after clicking on the submit button , you pressed browser’s back button.
      I agree this depends on your application,how it is made but ideally if you have not opened any other web page ,after log in, the system should take you to the previous web page in which you have not logged in yet.
      Please let me know, if this makes sense and is understandable to you,


      1. Thanks Khyati!,

        But once we logged in successfully in any application then user does not logged out from the application by clicking browser’s back button. I checked this scenario: Initially any other application was opened in my browse, I just open my application in same tab and logged in it successfully, now I clicked on browser’s back button, it moved me on application that was initially opened in browser. Now if again go back to our application by clicking forward button of browser then I again come back to my application and remained logged in the application and welcome page appear, it did not again show me LogIn page of the application.

        So I think on clicking back button of browse session does not expired.

        Please let me know, if I have checked wrong scenario.


      2. Hi Neev,the crux is to take care of cookies which every log-in has with them.And to answer your doubt,user shall be navigated to log-in screen again,but will never allow to stay logged-in until and unless , you explicitly checked’Stay signed in’ option in your browser for your account. Thats my understanding ,please let me know if you have brighter thought on it.


  3. What are the privileges that come with a Login. The customer could be a basic user or some kind of a user who gets some premium facilities. I believe you can also test to see if user can login without different kinds of captcha. You could also ask your customer as to what kind of login ids are used or allowed. Logins could also be tested on multiple browsers


    1. Hi Prasad,
      Thanks for the valuable contribution, I have added your inputs in my blog’s functional testing section. Once again thanks for reading it and sharing your thoughts over it.


    2. Wow I agree fully with you,Khyati this is the best solution I have ever seen.You have managed this very well… N I loved the part where you made our thinking enlarge and in a very appropriate way,wonderful job..


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