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Agile process – An overview .

In this blog-post I will start sharing my ideas about how process is going in a software development life cycle and it should happen according to me.

Software development is a process of various phases , it is a tedious task which includes man power , human brains , innovative ideas , creative strategies , Machine power and knowledge .

How does it happens ?

As we know , There are definitely multiple ways to do a thing. And in continuation there are multiple thinking to visualize a thing.

Developing a minute thing , for example , Tea also requires innovation. There are people all over the globe who drinks Tea , but the preparation techniques differ from person to person and from region to region , also from country to country.Some people call a tea without milk as their daily intake , some people do-not use water for the preparation of Tea , Some people avoid sugar (Reasons can be different , perhaps they might be on diet , like me of-course 😉 ) But Tea remains the same and Tea is still Tea.

Its can never be Coffee or let say any other beverage you can think of.

So the crux is the End- product is a Tea but the ways to do the same differs from person-to-person.

I got it …that’s cool .. but what about software development ???

The same happens with software development.. There are multiple processes to make software and one of the most used process is Agile Process. So this is a process where-in all the member of team works together be it developer, tester , Business analyst , Product Owner , UI Developer , etc. to make software a success.

How.. What are these terms means and together , what do you mean by this?

Ya As i stated above it is a process so , it has some roles and some phenomenon to follow upon.

Lets talk about roles first :

1. Software Developer (Dev)

She/He is the one who is responsible to make the product i.e He should know how to ‘Code’.


2. Quality Analyst(QA)

This guy focuses on bugs and defects in the code which Developer has made.

QA can be a manual QA or an Automation QA.

3. Product Owner(PO)

This is the guy who takes the input from customer and delivers the same information to the Development team.

4. Business Analyst(BA)

His main focus is to interact with the PO and share the same knowledge with the development team.


5. UI Developer(UI – Dev)

His main areas of focus are CSS, HTML , Designing , preparing first layout User interfaces of products, etc.


6. User Acceptance Team

This guy is responsible to make product more customer-friendly.


Nice.. the picture is becoming cleared but how about the process? How it actually happens ..I am still not getting it !! 😦

Thats fine ..I will talk about the process in my next post.

Till then …Stay tuned 🙂


2 thoughts on “Agile process – An overview .”

    1. Hi Anon,

      Can you please elaborate your question? Where are you referring to the usability test.

      Actually the blog is referring to the Agile process and roles which are there in agile process. Would like to answer your question.

      Thanks and regards,
      Khyati Sehgal


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