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My First Selenium – Java Project in eclipse.

Today I will be sharing how to start making new selenium project.I will start with some basic requirements and then will be proceeding to the art of making selenium test scripts.


1. Basic knowledge of a programming language like Java , C, Ruby , etc.

See link to learn Java .

2. Basic knowledge of Selenium tool.

3. Art of finding locators.

4. Set up of eclipse on the operating system you are using.

5. Java set up on your computer machine, in case you are using Java.

To start with you need to open eclipse at your machine and decide whether you want to make a java project or any other project like maven ,etc . For this blog-space I have opted for java project.

Then the next step is to start creating project in eclipse , once you are done with the set up. Eclipse comes in various flavors you can use any according to your operating system and requirement. I have used Indigo and Juno  for project creation. So here are the steps via which you can make new java project in eclipse.

1. Right click on left panel and select ‘New’ . And then ‘Project’.NewProject

2.Once this is done , select Java project from the pop up window which will come. And click ‘Next’.


3. Now give name to the project which you want to make. And Click ‘Finish’.


And you are done with the creation of java project. Then what you need to do it is you need to make this java project compatible with the Selenium tool.

For this you need to add selenium jar to this project. This can be done with some simple steps.

1. Right click on project and select Properties.


2. Select build path and start importing selenium jar. For this you need to download selenium latest jar from internet and save it in your local machine.


3. Now click on order and export tab , and click on the check box of selenium server stand-alone jar. And click ‘Ok’.


4. And then you can see selenium-standalone-jar in your referenced library and you can start writing your code in the classes using selenium.



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