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A tour to Selenium Builder – Locators finding and warming up!

Today I am going to share my experience about a new tool in market. This is a tool which will actually help testers all over the world in automation User Interface or I would say Graphical User Interface .

This tool is still in development and source code is available on ‘git-hub’ . This is launched by sauce labs as an add-on to Firefox.

It works like Selenium IDE but has additional features which are AWESOME !! This helps in

  • finding locators,
  • writing scripts in any language (by exporting option ) ,
  • you can save test suite ,
  • you can directly run you test cases on sauce labs,
  • you can edit/customize your locators,etc

For quick start all you need to do is to go to selenium builder official website from your Firefox browser and click on the install button highlighted in the below picture.  And that is all about the installation , Yipeeiii !!


Once the installation is done then we are good to proceed . The best part is you need not to do any coding at all ..believe me at all..!!

 How can you launch Selenium Builder?

Follow these steps to launch selenium builder:

1. Open Firefox once you are done with the installation.

2. Right click on any web page.

3. And you will see an option of launching selenium builder.


4. Just click on ‘Launch Selenium Builder’ .

5. And you will get 2 option whether to start Selenium builder as Selenium 1 or 2.

6 . You can choose according to your preferences.

7.Once you are done click on Selenium 1 or 2 , I clicked on Selenium 2


8 . You will get a screen like this. And this will start recording the locators for you web page on which you are.

9.On the top of this screen , It is showing that ‘Selenium Builder – Mozilla Firefox’ : which means it can open only in firefox.

10. Then next is ‘Record a verification ‘ : this is a way in which you can start verifying any record.

11. ‘Stop recording’ is shown by default as once Builder is launched it automatically starts recording locators for that page on which user was.

12. On the top-right : ‘Selenium 2’ with the loading indicator indicates that the recording is going on and its in the Selenium 2 mode of execution.



And that is how you can get a User Interface where-in you can actually get locators of your desired web page without putting any effort.


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