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Java – A learning curve .

Today I would like to share my own experience of learning Java. To be honest , I had no idea of Java coding in my college days, during my graduation . As a common- fun -loving student I enjoyed bunking classes , running away from assignments , classes , labs , etc. But when I came into IT professional-magical-world , and started looking out for people around me .. then an urge of learning comes to me , it happens to me today also . And it happens very often , believe me.


Here I realized that ‘Learning’ is the only investment which always benefits you throughout your life. And trust me , I gradually started observing that yeah ! this is actually working 🙂 . I started my carrier as Quality Analyst being a person who loves to talk (O ya 😀 ) , who wants to work in IT but doesnot want to invest entire time in IT/Testing/Coding . Actually , I want to FLY(First Love Yourself) and wanted to work in all directions .


Initially I had multiple ideas like Interior designing, Painting ,Drawing, Nail Arts, Blogging , Writing articles , conferences ,etc . Never-the-less I started working on these areas also(i will share my paintings , conferences , blogs links soon ) but yes by that time I have understood fully that learning a programming language is a must. I discussed this with my colleagues , my friends and thus I started working on this area , I started looking into the blogs all around over Java , I started exploring tutorials over web, and finally I started exploring Java books . I highly recommend Head First Java , SCJP – Kathy Sierra for initial learning.


Where-in I started with first chapter and then moved to next chapters .It took me 2 months but yes it was Worth-putting-Effort!

I would suggest you to make ‘Learning a habit’  and observe the difference . It gives immense pleasure when some one ask you a question or debate about you on a topic which you know and learnt of your own.

This blog is for all the IT geeks who thinks that there is no where requirement of learning of a programming language in a life cycle of a Quality Analyst.

At last I would like to highlight that ‘Learning shall never be a barrier‘ , it always gives you output and good results all you need to do it to ‘Make a Plan ‘.

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