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After all , We are the ‘Beauties’

I was surfing internet where I land to a page which says ‘ Women spent almost one year of their life deciding what to wear‘ . At first glimpse, it looks funny to me but then I realized , Really ?? Do I belong to this category !!

Isn’t it mind blowing fact ? ūüėÄ I have seen people who talk¬†about girls ,Although¬†some facts are actually right but after all ‘we are the Most Beautiful Creatures on this Earth ‘ and we are suppose to do it , believe me , I am not self obsessed .

Let me share some actualities which applies to almost all girls. And trust me I am not kidding at all.

To start with I will be sharing how and what matters to us a lot?


1. Compliment :¬†The best compliment I have seen making me proud is that ‘You are an Inspiration‘ .And believe it holds tons and tons of more weight-age than ‘You look beautiful


2. Comments :¬†I have seen many girls not reacting on things like ‘Your make up is not good , or your wardrobe is out-of-fashion’ . On the other hand, what matters most is that ‘You are not strong’ , and that’s what we think and take it as comment.


3. ¬†Money :¬†This is one of the basic necessity of today’s generation. Every luxury is attainable by monetary support and every one is running here and there for Money only. So its not just women who always think of money its every human who is doing so. But we women actually saves money , we think of investments , savings , etc.


4. Career : I would say up-to an age , we think about out professional growth a lot, but yeah I agree after baby we have to forget about career and have to give priority to other more important things in life.




5. Family: It is and will be the most important thing for us in this whole world.  We see different phases of life and from being infant to a girl , then teenage girl to a lady , then from women to a mother , and then grand-mother . So we are the ones who has more family tilted life and we have to manage things according to the family and family members.



6. Shopping: This is a fact that we love shopping but I can not deny this that we always try to shop for others. We always try to spend money so as to make others happy.


And lastly I would like to say that besides the fact that we believe in passion and living life to its great extent. We are the ones who carries the most beautiful gift of God and that is ‘re-birth’ . We used to carry our babies for so long in our own¬†body and that’s where we have made the difference.

I am proud to say that I am a ‘Girl’ and I would like to congratulate all the girls out there who are reading this post. Along with all the men who respect their ladies.


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