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How to test ‘Pen’ ?

  • Functional Tests
  1. Pen should have enough grip so that user can get hold of it.
  2. Pen should work on paper.
  3. Pen having more than one refill to work with shall have proper click button so that user can opt for the suitable refill to work with.
  • Usability Tests
  1. Pen’s should not leak when open.
  2. Pen’s should be refilled if its not a use and throw kind of pen.
  3. Pen should have atleast refill in it.
  • Portability Tests
  1. Pen’s weight should not be more than 10gms.
  • Load Tests
  1. Pen should work put force abruptly.
  • Performance Tests
  1. When put in various cold and hot temperature, Pen’s speed should not get effective
  2. Pen should work on board
  3. Pen should not work on leaves.
  4. Pen should work on clothes.

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