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SoapUI Tutorial Part 2 : A complete run-through of how to make projects in SoapUI

In this piece of write-up, I will share how can we make new projects , test suite , test case , test steps in a new SoapUI .
SoapUI provides multiple option to make a tester more comfortable and getting fast learning curve of services.
It has that capability via which a user work as if he/she is going through any documentation or user manual.
TIP : Right Click is the answer to most of the questions in SoapUI.

How to make projects in SoapUI?
Pre-requisite :

  • Motive behind making a new project with SoapUI.
  • Which type of project you want to make?

1. Soap project
2.  Rest project
3. Generic project

  • Soap project is a project which needs Soap definition language for making tests over it. In lay-man language WSDL-web service definition language.
  • Rest project is a project which needs REST definition language for making tests over it. In lay-man language WADL-web application definition language.
  • Generic projects are those projects which can work both on SOAP and REST , and thereafter you can simply test all soap and rest services all together in one platform.

If you want to create a SOAP project then all you need is a WSDL.{}

Now,if you want to make tests over the exposed methods and services written in the above WSDL , then follow these steps:

  • In SoapUI Window ,type CTRL+n from your keyboard.


  • Click on Project and right-click over it. And then select NEW SOAP PROJECT.

Now a window will pop-up where-in you need to specify:

  1. Name of the project
  2. Optional: WSDL location

WSDL location is optional and you can add it once you are done with the project creation. But I would prefer adding WSDL while project creation.
So add WSDL {}. And click OK.
And you are done with project set up and initial steps.
Once you will do the above steps then in the navigator you can see a project created for you , like this:



Once the above steps are done, you have interfaces having different services available at your local.

After this you need to make tests out of these available services like this:

Make a new test suite

Right-click on project and select new TestSuite (shortcut CTRL+ T)


Add a new test case

Right-click on Test Suite and select new TestCase (shortcut CTRL+ N)


Add a new test step

Right-click on TestCase and select add Step. Here, you will get multiple options test step, you can add SOAP test step , REST test step ,etc. Select SOAP request as we have to test SOAP response.


Once you will select Test Request for SOAP, you will see the below pop up selection window.This selection is meant for the opting which service user want to test in this test case. For example, if we want to test CipherAll service , all we need to do is to select CipherAll service, DONE! You can do the same thing via just dragging the request which you want to test in the test case ,within SoapUI.


Lastly, you can assert the response by putting assertions in the steps. There are different types of assertions you can apply on test steps , as a new test step , I will cover them in brief in a new blog.






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