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Test cases of ‘folders in Windows OS’.

  • Functional Tests
  1. Creation of folder with all kinds of characters like underscore , hyphen should work.
  2. Verify for all special characters from keyboards like @,&,^ should not work.
  3. Check duplicate folders with same name should not be permitted.
  4. Validate handling of folder creation after 256 characters on windows should not be allowed.
  5. Check unicode characters should not be allowed.
  • Negative Tests
  1. Check renaming of already created folder should display a pop up warning window.
  2. Check renamed folder name should not conflict with already existing folder but warn user from doing it.
  • Usability Tests
  1. Creation of multiple folders should work
  2. Creation of multiple folder of different kinds should be supported.
  3. Maximum limit of folder name should be defined.
  4. Empty name folder should not be allowed
  5. Right click on folder should display multiple options of the folder
  6. Shotcuts like CTRL+N , CTRL +SHIFT+N. DELETE , SHIFT+ DELETE should work in windows OS for creation of folder and deletion of folders.
  • Security Tests
  1. Check for permission of folders.
  2. Check the folder when copied to different OS should work.
  3. Check for the protection of folder from malware.
  4. Check locking of folder can be done easily.
  5. Check for Antivirus settings , if folder creation is blocked.
  6. Check folder creation behavior when system is infected by virus.
  • Portability Tests
  1. Drag and drop of folders should work in windows.
  • Performance Tests
  1. Check the folder while creation or deletion should not take much time.

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