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How to test ‘Fan’?

If we want to examine any tester then the best way to know him/her is to ask him real time questions over real time examples. Just like the day-to-day objects which we used to work on and see on daily basis. So lets take an instance of ‘Fan’ , and this you see, you use multiple times a day.

  • Component Tests
  1. Fan’s wings should have edges which should be long enough so that it can give proper air
  2. Fan’s rod should be sleek enough so that it can we well put in Fan’s cup and engine.
  3. Fan’s engine should have all wiring well fitted, so that it can create a connected circuit with all components.
  • Integration Tests
  1. When switched on all component of Fan,then fan should start working.
  2. Fan’s rod should not rotate when engine is working.
  3. Fan’s engine should start working when switched on.
  4. Fan’s wings should start rotating along with the engine,when put in contact with electricity.
  • Functional Tests
  1. Fan should run in clock-wise direction when put in direct power and voltage.
  2. Fan should run in anti-clock-wise direction when put in direct power and voltage.
  • Specification Tests
  1. Two winger fans should have radius not more than 20 cm.
  2. Three winger fans should have radius not more than 40 cm.
  • Usability Tests
  1. Fan’s engine should not create noise when switched on.
  2. Fan’s should be made such that it can get well fit with the room ceiling.
  3. Fan should have atleast two wings,irrespective of type.
  • Portability Tests
  1. Fan’s weight should not be more than 3kgs if it is a two winger fan.
  2. Fan’s weight should not be more than 5kgs if it is a three winger fan.
  • Load Tests
  1. Fan should work upto 50W power.
  2. Fan should work upto 220V voltage.
  • Stress Tests
  1. Fan should not bear load above 100W
  2. Fan should not bear voltage above 300V
  • Performance Tests
  1. When put in high frequency energy, no wire should get burn
  2. When put in low frequency energy, no wire should get burn
  3. When put in various cold and hot temperature, fan’s speed should not get effective.



6 thoughts on “How to test ‘Fan’?”

  1. hey khyati,

    How “Two winger fans should have radius not more than 20 cm” this comes in functional test can you explain.In my opinion it should be the entry criteria for functional testing along with electricity is present and fan is functional.

    What you say:)


    1. Hi Harsimran,
      First of all ,thanks for the input. Your point is absolutely correct,infact we can categorize functional tests further also by incorporating classifications like entry and exit criteria. But yeah here I have taken functional tests as a broad category and added test cases which belongs to this area. Hope this answers your question.doubt.


      1. i dont understand even if you broaden your category of functional test it would not include these thing because these are technical specs of the fan.Suppose UI must have a login button is a spec and it should move user to home page is a functional test.both things are different.


  2. Hi Khyati,

    These are really fine granular test ideas about Fan. I really appreciate them, But if it comes to ask this as a testing interview question, i think that would not be a real stuff that you can get from the candidate, Rather than that Ask to test any web application or give a scenario in real time of web apps testing like navigating from one page to another or to test some fields on the Web page.

    On the closing note, i really have no offence against this post. However, People can really learn a lot from your blog. Its well written ad understood.

    Happy testing 🙂


    1. Hey Anurag,
      As far as i know testing interview question are always asked not to check whether he/she knows any specific thing you have asked for but to see if the candidate can actually think over any system-under-test.So the intention was never right or wrong i would say but to make sure that the candidate can actually put his mind and can think out of the box.I mean this is my approach of taking interviews again this is debate-able . Also the forethought of writing this blog is to tell the readers that a small thing can have different techniques , tools. categories , mind set of testing.


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