M-commerce .. an insight.

Mobile is a big hit on 21st century, we are so much obsessed with mobile phones that we can not count hours we spend in our day-to-day life without this small device. This is because we want ease in everything, we want more handy , more acessible devices which can drive us busy all time. Its not Facebook, or candy crush or gmail which are killing our time whole day, there are many other things without which we can not close our day.

M-commerce (1)

One of them is e-shopping. When i say e-shopping so along with e-commerce it connects many other things like e-wallet, m-commerce, online-websites, customers, owners, users, etc and mobile phones. We have seen good examples of e-commerce websites which are moving towards mobile-apps and completely dissolving their own desktop-websites, one of the latest example is Myntra.

M-commerce (4)

Not only this e-banking, e-money-transfer, e-bills payment, e-gaming, e-movie ticket booking, e-travelling booking, etc are the hot examples which we generally do via our small handy gadget. This shift completely shows the importance of mobiles and mobile-apps.

M-commerce (2)

We have app of almost everything, if we want to shop for clothes, cosmetics, gifts we have app. If we want to transfer money via bank we have apps of different banks. If we are required to pay phone bills, internet bills, electricity apps, just think of any use case its all there. Developers are trying different free/paid apps which can make our life so fast easy with the help of our mobile phone.

M-commerce (3)

But for doing any transaction we need soft money, and how are we maintaining that soft money? Here comes the concept of e-wallets. We can store our money the same way we are keeping it in our physical wallet and then we can use it for all above use-cases. Some of the companies which are driving m-commerce in market are: e bay, one 97 , etc.

M-commerce is driving this change of e-wallet, though it is more focused on money-transfer in front-end but on back-end it has huge scope.


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