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A quick beginners guide of git.

The team is when more than 2 people work on a small goal to achieve some concrete task. On every single day we get daily tasks to complete with timelines. From getting up for office, to reach home back, from preparing food, to have lunch on time, from reaching the office on time , having dinner with family on time. Hand-in-hand, we have similar official tasks which are prominent and can cause problem if not met. So as a person all we need is tracking of time, things, tasks and at the same time sharing the same work done or work in progress with each and every member be it a family member or team member.

So Collaboration is what we desire and always strive for. Lets talk a little bit more how can we achieve it when we have given a piece of work to do so for example a website to make having a profile page, home page and browse page. Given there are 4 people who will work on this 2 developers, 1 QA (Quality Analyst) and 1 BA (Business Analyst) / PO (Product Owner).

Now how it works, Dev and QA will discuss the requirement with BA/PO and will divide the work amongst themselves to achieve the task given. Like this :-

  1. Home page and profile screen with GUI designing – Dev1
  2. Backend(DB/Services) and browse screen – Dev2.
  3. Automation and functional Testing – QA

And they will start the work. Now after two days, despite of all Agile-meetings, dependencies on people will be developed as respective people will do their work on their local machines and there is no way they are sharing the code. So here the need of central repository comes where in all the team member can see the work which others are doing. They can check/review the code and suggestions can be given.

How it helps?


This will reduce the risk, better code quality will be promoted and dependencies can be resolved. There are multiple ways via which this can be achieved, one of the ways is by using Git.

Basic requirement of git.

All you need is git credential where in you can create your repositories and branches, that can be added in your project and git will do all the work for you.

I have used git both in Linux and Windows box, in this post I will share how can you start working with git on windows. Once you have git installed on window box same commands can be used for Linux, you will get to know the same later in the next write up.


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