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Cross browser testing via Sauce labs?

Learning starts when you start experimenting. Be it in Information Technology or layman’s life.

I will be using this space to make you understand a tool which will be of great help, not only for all the Software QA but to the Product Owners, Developer, stakeholders, etc. It has all the solution to the issues we foresee in day-to-day life. As we know in Agile we always define the Acceptance criteria, Definition of Done while make a story.

For those who are not so familiar with Agile , Kindly go through this wiki page-

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Getting started with the protractor

As an automation QA Engineer,  I always try to work on areas where I can work with pace and efficiency, technology doesn’t matter. As the world is moving towards scripting language We as a QA also work together.

I am talking about the AngularJS, ReactJS applications which are highly acceptable and readily used in today’s world be it a Banking app or a CRM based. One can connect to all the application with frontend as a JS app and backend can be anything C# , Java ,etc. Here the role of QA is to identify the best fit he/she can apply to quickly automate all the cases in a highly compatible language which supports the Frontend application.

Here, I am talking about protractor. For one of my applications which is written in Aurelia (FE tool to create an application similar to AngularJS) we decided to work upon protractor, let’s talk about it in this blog how we managed to do it.

When it comes to testing applications, there are two main types of tests one wants to cover: Unit and E2E . End to end usually refers to the QA testing and unit mainly for the developers to take ownership of.

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Agile process – An overview .

In this blog-post I will start sharing my ideas about how process is going in a software development life cycle and it should happen according to me.

Software development is a process of various phases , it is a tedious task which includes man power , human brains , innovative ideas , creative strategies , Machine power and knowledge .

How does it happens ?

As we know , There are definitely multiple ways to do a thing. And in continuation there are multiple thinking to visualize a thing.

Developing a minute thing , for example , Tea also requires innovation. There are people all over the globe who drinks Tea , but the preparation techniques differ from person to person and from region to region , also from country to country.Some people call a tea without milk as their daily intake , some people do-not use water for the preparation of Tea , Some people avoid sugar (Reasons can be different , perhaps they might be on diet , like me of-course 😉 ) But Tea remains the same and Tea is still Tea.

Its can never be Coffee or let say any other beverage you can think of.

So the crux is the End- product is a Tea but the ways to do the same differs from person-to-person.
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