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Part 2-API testing with rest assured.

In continuation with my previous blog, here I will be sharing some basic rest services methods implementation like POST, GET etc.


REST in itself without exception has a lot to learn. It has helped the whole team of developers and QA to evolve and mobilise their work as much as possible.

By providing whole lot of the methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH, etc one can traverse the whole code. Not just fetching, or updating, one can even delete then store and use one data in one and another form. Thus making a complete round of testing and development done.

Like REST java also helped in making this dynamic thing more super, lets see how.

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Part 1- API testing with rest assured.

In this post, I will share some basic rest assured code that can be directly used in a project which can support Java, Page Object Model, TestNg, API testing, etc.


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java.lang.NullPointerException at com.eviware.soapui.reporting.engine.export.XmlExporter.export

Hi all, its been a month I am working on SoapUI and I started writing blogs on SoapUI. From today onwards I will share the hiccups I have faced while working with SoapUI along with the tutorials chain. So lets get started with an unusual error which some of SoapUI users have faced and many may have not seen.
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Adding ‘Events’ in SoapUI projects

SoapUi provides a wide range of features, and via these capabilities we can not only test our web-services as a whole but also we can implement muliple functions to test an application’s services.
Today I will discuss ‘Events’ in SoapUi so let’s get started.

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SoapUI Tutorial Part 4 : Effectively using JDBC connections and databases in SoapUI

In today’s world , if you are a tester, QA , developer or a UI developer , you can not escape from data. Data is everywhere on web ,in real life , in our computer , in mobile phones , in Television , in books , in files , in banks , everywhere. And as data is getting increased storing them has also became a crucial topic to discuss about.
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