ADB for mobile quality analysts.

As we (QA) are growing more towards automation, we have now started exploring tools which developers are using for their development. Not just for developing our own testing framework but also for capturing logs, checking code smells, etc we can use adb.

And I think this is very cool and good to start exploring in this direction, as learning is never ending and shall never stop. Mobile testing is very dynamic and in this blog I will share some experience over adb for android testing and debugging.
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How to start mobile testing in android.

There are multiple approaches you can take to kick start mobile testing. For this you need to understand what you are actually trying to achieve and what constraints you have like how many team members, testing devices, etc.

The first thing you have to have a good environment to start with. There are two ways to do the same one via emulators, and the other on actual devices. Emulators are easily available, free of cost though they are very slow and real results are hard to capture in them. While real devices are fast which lead to real results and are easy to use. 
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How to run Selenium tests in headless mode.

Quick, pace, speed are some synonyms which describes us. We , humans, wants pace in each and every act of ours. We want to speed up things as much as we can do. So we try experimenting things as in we try to search for betterment of work, as we are growing in automating things, replacing human acts to programs or machinery.

If I talk about selenium, then the major time which is spent in framework is at execution. And if I go one step more deeper then the initial point where the execution takes time is when it is trying to open browser be it Chrome, IE or any other. So just to wipe out this pain point there is one such browser which works in headless mode, and is compatible with selenium as well.

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Manual testing is eating us,or otherwise..!!

We as a tester always relish on the new things, we always want to discover things.

If we go by definition we have different profiles in IT sector, one of the well-known role is of Quality analyst. She is the person who takes care of the Quality. Lets put it like this she is the guard of our software. As we have guards outside banks who takes care of the money kept inside the bank. Similarly a QAs job is to safeguard software from different areas.

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M-commerce .. an insight.

Mobile is a big hit on 21st century, we are so much obsessed with mobile phones that we can not count hours we spend in our day-to-day life without this small device. This is because we want ease in everything, we want more handy , more acessible devices which can drive us busy all time. Its not Facebook, or candy crush or gmail which are killing our time whole day, there are many other things without which we can not close our day.

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Part II – One step deeper into Page Object Model.

As we have already discussed in my last post on page object model, why we need design patterns while coding. In this post, lets see what all pre-requisites are required to get a quick start so that we can get a better understanding of POM aka Page Object Model:

  1. The functionality classes (PageObjects) represent a reasoned common lineage between the pages of the application.
  2. The Page Object pattern act for the screens of your web app as a sequence of objects.
  3. It encapsulates the characteristics represented by a page.
  4. It permit us to mock-up the UI in our tests.
  5. A page object is an object-oriented class that work as an interface to a page of your AUT.

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A tribute to my ‘Great Nation’ – India.

I, a proud Indian, believes this is our duty to make all realize that poverty, illiteracy are not the tick-tack game in which we have an option to opt an option or get out of the game when bored. It is a sin which is happening all over in our own country. Today it is a pleasure for me to share some thoughts along with some real picture which will show how we are dealing with these things in our life. And I am sure it will prove to be an eye opener for all those who will read this piece of text.
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How to deal with Internet Explorer issues to make it work via Selenium.

To err is human, well said.

I have been traversing over web what all new things I can explore and share knowledge about, but I can never deny the fact that there is a lot which I can share and talk about. Today I will share how Selenium faces problem  while connecting with Internet Explorer. Lets get started then.

How to use Internet Explorer?

Selenium provided support to Firefox, by default. This is something which the Selenium-creators have done to make our life easier while working with FireFox. Now, how about browsers other than default. Of-course, they understand that Web-UI testing can not be said as completed if it is not tested well on multiple browsers.

For testing your application on Internet Explorer via Selenium, you need to add the internetExplorer.exe into your project. And use this for the invocation of the browser,like this:
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How to deal with the databases when it stops following its own master.

During my experience in testing, I have worked on multiple databases, and I must say if you are working on database direct interaction then you must have encountered issues now and then over various areas.

One of the major issue is when you are dealing with databases having multiple tables and these tables are connected with each other with constraints like foreign keys, primary keys, triggers, stored procedures etc.

Other being, when a database server is used by various team members then you might see issue related to concurrent users. Today in this piece of write-up I will share how can we deal with multiple databases when multiple user is using one database server. In other words, how can we drop the connections in different databases, how can we make it happen via scripts like Shell scripts, etc.
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at org.openqa.selenium.firefox.internal. NewProfileExtensionConnection.start

There are several phases in a tester’s life starting from working in a team to making automation framework. Along with this he/she has to make sure the integrity of the work-test life-cycle.

Today in this blog post I will share a problem which will come when people who has to work on a framework who was made by someone else and he/she has to maintain and extend it.
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